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During my three decades of working with the blind, there were three very popular and successful blind singers/musicians - Ray Charles, Jose Feliciano, and Stevie Wonder. At one of the...
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How stupid is it, to make house loans to first-time buyers, who have spent generations on welfare and mooching off of our government? Did loaners actually believe these low-level con...
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Many moons ago in high school, I was a sprinter, hurdler, broad jumper, and high jumper on our track team. I never ran over a quarter mile, and never ever...
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During this era of the lovely overly aggressive woman, it appears that they are all wearing their red "power outfits" a few times a week - at least. As we...
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On a beautiful sunny day with wispy white clouds overhead, I found myself standing among thousands of little white crosses and Stars of David, in the World War II cemetery in...
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The following are comments that I list before attending my AARP Driver Education Class every 3 years, not only to make the class more aware of specific items, but to...
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We were good friends in high school. We skipped school together. We pulled pranks together. We swapped blank English exams and both made an A. We swam in the ocean together. We both worked for...
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Moonbaby is now a year old, As sixty countries now know, Quite brassy and sassy and bold, Your magazine on the go.   ...
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A "Cajun Coon" does roam this shore, Our yard, our camp, Grand Isle, As Jean Lafitte of days of yore, Two pirates both with...
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Moonbaby is so global,       Sixty countries now here, Words of wisdom so noble, Makes our cultures more clear. Many stories are so funny,    The poetry gives us some class,...
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