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  He screams at us to line up.Shoulder to shoulder,backs straight,arms at our sides. We all stare blankly ahead at nothing,afraid to meet each other`s eye. There is a smell of...
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      On Friday nights I like to go rollerskating.Mom drops Wendi and me off at 6:45 and picks us up at 10:15.If Dad is home I can`t go.     I`m getting...
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  There are moments of absoloute clarity in my life.Times when the dust has cleared and the cobwebs in my mind have been wiped away.I am suddenly hit with such stark...
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A picture of my favorite photography subjects 3 of my 7 children enjoying life as children should
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A View of Tampa Bay from Ballast Point...
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Growing up I had lived in a home where I had no control over my circumstances. At a very young age, I had been sexually abused by a relative who...
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  October Feast The sun is warm and bright, but the air is crisp and cool.  It seems the seasons are competing for top billing.  Leaves have changed from luminous green to a...
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One of my favorite places in the world. To sit and listen to the waves as they wash ashore has helped renew my broken spirit on many a day...
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  I never thought that I would understand what love truly was, I had heard the word all of my life, usually accompanied by an apology after being deeply hurt by...
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The day ended with the darkness of the night slowly enveloping the room, I could hear the slow rhythmic breathing of my husband at my side. I could feel my heartbeat...
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