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"No Care" For You!!! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Anna N. Moss   
Monday, 22 March 2010 17:24


If there has ever been a Prozac moment for me, this would be it.   Yup.   Now.   Why?   "Obama Care."    I'm so afraid that will mean "No Care".   "NO CARE FOR YOU!"   I keep thinking back to the Seinfeld and the 'Soup Nazi'.    I don't know why that phrase keeps coming to mind when I think of this health care 'reform'.   And I keep asking myself, why do those who do, get screwed; while those who don't, get health care?

I'm not getting this whole concept that I studied for the 'A' and the free health care recipient didn't study at all, and got an "F".   So the government is 'evening' us out, and we both get "C's".  

Are you following me, here?   Tax-paying citizens are being penalized for doing everything right, while those not working or not purchasing insurance (ie.; those who did everything wrong) are being rewarded.   And if the honorable tax-paying citizens say anything, we are racists.   And honestly, I feel that accusation not only does not hold water - it doesn't make any sense.   What does disagreeing with Obama have to do with being a racist?   That's just a ploy - I'm convinced.

So, "Cheers" everyone.   It's time for my evening cocktail:  a shot of whiskey and a Prozac.   That, or, I could always stick a fork in my eye.

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Mean Dean - 03-31-2010 19:33

:angry: I personally ran into this type of Obamanation about 1970, so I've railed against these same lazy welfare wingnuts for 40 years, & have built up a major resentment for these "master moochers." Has the reverse now become true, & we have become the slaves? Will the REASON for this SEASON cause TREASON? Is this whole "monkey-business" revolting enough to cause a revolt? And why are we continuing to hear the word "impeachment?" I'm not a Prozac person, nor take a Chamomile tea sedative, but would join the Tea Party to help The Greatest Generation to Kick Ass again. With over 70,000 hours of volunteerism in my past, loafer's & moocher's are at the top of my "S--- List." :angry:
Anna N. Moss - 03-27-2010 05:33

I know. What a f**king mess. If people wanted this, a millage should have been put on the ballots for this - just like we do for firehouses and other programs we CHOOSE to support. What the .....?
susanna - 03-23-2010 16:27

Anna, I am sorry to inform you that under the new goverment health care plan, you will no longer be allowed to take Prozac. In addition, your doctor has been advised that if you continue to enjoy such unhealthy habits as whiskey, you will be mandated to pay an additional 30% of your total income due to the new "unhealthy living" section of the bill. We all have to make sacrifices for the greater good. Oh well, I think chamomile tea is still acceptable at this time. Enjoy! ;)
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Last Updated on Monday, 22 March 2010 18:00