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Blind-Sided PDF Print E-mail
Written by Angela Latoof Cagle   
Friday, 19 March 2010 17:37


What an asshole.   That's right, I'm calling Jesse James an asshole.   What's more, I'm pretty sure he knows it.   So does the rest of the world.

You see, he was a nobody.   A greasy nobody.   And Sandra, beautiful Sandra, a daisy who married beneath herself.   She brought him up, but he won't take her down.   You see, she's a somebody.

It's hard to believe this lady's whore husband would stoop this low and dive into the very used.   But hey, this isn't his first rodeo fishing in the swamp.   But the reality is, he can't humiliate her.   He doesn't have that power.   His behavior was  humiliating, but actually no reflection on who and what Sandra is all about.   Only about who and what Jesse is, was, and will be. 

His weird randiness only makes him look like what he really is - an asshole, whole ass, jackass, the bad 'sucker' word, and so much more.   He blindsided her.   Hell, he blindsided us.   We only liked Jesse because Sandra liked Jessie.   We took him in because she took him in.   It was never about Jesse.   It was always about Sandra.

The public can be forgiving, but you know what?   I don't think we want to forgive him--therefore, he's out.

But guess what, Jesse?   We have forgiveness in our hearts, just not for you.   The public will probably not forgive you.  

Oddly enough, however, the public will probably forgive the other really major asshole, 'The Tiger', for a couple of reasons, in my opinion.
1)   The public doesn't know Elin because she's so private - which is good, but in her case, it alienated the public, ergo, Tiger will be forgiven because his wife is 'aloof'.   The public will learn to start blaming her - in some odd way - because her husband couldn't keep it in his pants.   And that's her fault.  ?????????
2)   Although Tiger is a cheating, repulsive ass, he didn't cheat his game, he cheated his wife.   A wife nobody knows.

But we know Sandra.   We actually pay to go see her, and we invite her into our homes, even our bedrooms.   You see, Sandra is everybody's friend, sister, and girlfriend to her viewers.   We like Sandra.    But we don't like you, Jesse.   We only liked you because you made her happy.   Now you're not making her happy, so we don't like you anymore.

So, Jesse, I've decided you need to be slimed like the slime-ball you are.   I am buying slime and keeping it in my purse,  just in case.   I mean, if by chance I see you, I'd be furious if I missed my opportunity. 

So who's in?

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Mean Dean - 03-20-2010 06:32

:angry: Right :!: Let me count the ways....... :whistle:
angela - 03-19-2010 22:08

so you're in, right?
Mean Dean - 03-19-2010 20:50

:angry: I agree....Jesse James is following the original bad-ass Jesse James & riding off into the sunset of oblivion. Jesse had elevated himself in the eyes of our nation with his stint on the Donald Trump hit show - "the Apprentice." Now, Jesse has dropped to a nasty nonentity. Tiger "Woo 'Em" Woods, almost had a lifetime of "Mr. Nice Guy," but chose to demote himself to a N-word. You may add "Wild Bill" Clinton to this list of assholes too, diminishing his status from smart to "smart ass." Pass the slime....as a former third-baseman, I'm a great thrower! :whistle:
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Last Updated on Sunday, 21 March 2010 09:17