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Would You Pluck My Chin Hair, Please? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Angela Latoof Cagle   
Sunday, 28 February 2010 10:14

Some women will get this, and some will act like they don't know what the hell I'm talking about--the wholly disgusting female chin hair.   As I age, I'm getting the whole 'by her chinny, chin, chin' rhetoric.

Who knew that a lady's chin begins to have 'male hair envy'?  For some reason, when we hit a certain age, our chins start competing with our male counterparts for the five o'clock shadow. 

I have a friend who has her daughter pluck her chin hair(s), because along with age and facial hair come blindness (maybe so we don't have to see, only feel, the rogue chin hairs?).   This is fine, except, what happens when the daughter moves away?   Who else would pluck the hair for me?   I mean, it's not like I really want the man in my life doing that.    Wait, let me ask him:

"Hey Baby, Will you pluck this chin hair for me?    It's right under my chin."
"What?" He asks, "You don't want me to get the other four under you lower lip?   Or the ones above your upper lip?"

Do you see his predicament?  He's damned if he does or doesn't at this point.  And really, it almost sounds like some kind of kinky foreplay.   So what does one do when the chin hair plucker moves out?

You hire a chin hair plucker, get waxed, lasered, or grow a goatee.   Yeah, that's the general shape of a woman's beard.  Men have male pattern baldness, we have female pattern facial growth. 

Oh come on!   Don't act all high and mighty--like you have never seen bearded women in your lifetime, and chin hair growth would never affect you.  I've seen you at the chin-hair-for-hire plucker.   And if you find this topic intolerable, don't read my next article, "Baby Almost Dies While Nursing From Breast Hair Strangulation".

Nobody has a sense of humor anymore.


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Mean Dean - 03-01-2010 03:52

:evil: I'd put a pretty little bow in your beard & say.....goodbye CECIL! :whistle:
well, ang, as i've told you....
cecelia - 03-01-2010 01:24

if i'm ever on life support, you had damned well better not let me lay there and grow a beard.
Mean Dean - 02-28-2010 04:44

:evil: I have found hair, or lack of hair, in strange places - truly funny & fascinating. Almost laughed out loud during my first surprise of 2" breast hair, but thank God, I was busy nursing at the time. :whistle: Chin up lady, if you are Catholic, you have probably already been blessed with fluffy eyebrows, bushy upper lip, fuzzy chin-sin, furry monkey legs, or little toe tufts. I've exercised extreme tact :s , while plucking & ducking these shaggy areas. I want to snip - she wants to pluck with tiny tweezers. However...I do highly recommend the "kinky foreplay" first! :whistle: C'est la vie! :woohoo:
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