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Kiss My ASSumption PDF Print E-mail
Written by Anna N. Moss   
Saturday, 27 February 2010 09:08

I find it extremely odd how politics can stop prayer in the classroom, but prayer can't stop politics in the classroom.   

My friend's daughter brought home a booklet of magazine orders for her child to fill out and send to relatives and friends for purchase.   The booklet contained only one choice, and it was an extremely liberal magazine.   Okay, you have the very liberal magazine choice, so shouldn't there be a conservative or right leaning choice?  You know, the whole "Yin and Yang" thing.

And then suddenly, an epiphany.   You shouldn't have either magazine choice because it would defile the whole "Separation of Church and State" policy.  

So I guess with what I am at odds is this:   Is it fair and "politically correct" to oust one group, but not the other?   I mean, if one can push a political agenda in the schools, why can't one pray or present religious beliefs in schools?  To go a step farther,  if one can push a political agenda in the schools, why can't one pray or present religious beliefs in state buildings?  

If  "Separation of Church and State" is so important, why has religion been the only separation?   Why are politics in the classroom?   If one can't pray in the classroom, why can a political agenda be forced in the schools?
No, I'm not rambling--well okay, maybe a little, but the dots are not connecting for me, politically or religiously.

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angela - 02-28-2010 03:43

it does seem like a double standard. i hate double standards.
Mean Dean - 02-27-2010 04:30

:angry: And the high percentage of far-left leaning Liberal college professor's, in numerous college's, appear to have permeated the student's minds with Liberal legacies. These student's seem to now vote heavily as a Liberal block, so the Yin & Yang in our college's are more like a "Chinese fire drill." This may eventually prove to be an EVOLUTION causing a REVOLUTION, which in turn, may cause fair-minded people to seek an offsetting SOLUTION. Hopefully, we are at the point of seafaring John Paul Jones, when he said, "I have not yet begun to fight!" Onward & upward Captain....my sword is drawn, & I've got your back. And I have a pirate background of "Blackbeard" & "Henry Morgan" - "Welsh Warriors of the Wicked!" :whistle:
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