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The Tea Party Hot

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February, 2010 Gold medal winner for 'Your Columns'.

Maybe it’s time for a new party: The Tea Party, Libertarian, Independent?

One thing is for sure; the “twins” (Republican and Democrat) have let us down!

Neither party represents the common man/woman anymore. Everything going on in Washington amounts to a ruthless power grab reminiscent of Ancient Rome, and what goes on in Washington spreads to the rest of the country.

I am not a liberal, but I am not a conservative, and I’m pretty sick of hearing about both.

I am, I guess, a centrist; a person who doesn’t like the extremism of either party. I see America slipping away. I see our constitution being attacked. I’m not a flat-earther or a birther; I am simply an American who wants to see the principals our country was founded on prevail.

I believe in the separation of church and state, I think evolution should be taught in school; it’s science! I also believe you have the right to worship any way you want, as long as you’re not violent in the process. I think the main purpose of government is, protection of the people, it’s citizens. I don’t want the government interfering in my personal life, my business and finances, or preaching morality. I want the right to keep and bear arms, freedom of speech, freedom from oppressive government. I believe our forefathers saw the possibility of government getting so out of hand that revolution would be required; hence the right to bear arms and have a militia of the people. That was insightful on their part. However, they never saw the government getting so big and so powerful that the people would not be able to rise up against tyranny.

Today, an armed revolution would be next to impossible, and although there are those who advocate this, it’s just not a viable alternative. I shouldn’t have to explain why.

We do run the risk of a societal breakdown because of war or natural disaster or even the total collapse of the economy.

I don’t care if you’re a Republican or a Democrat; I hope you are first, an American.

I hope you believe in a free market society and not socialism, Marxism or communism.

If you are, and you really care about America, maybe it’s time to help form a new party that restores American values. We are not Europe, we rebelled against European values a long time ago. We should not join the European Union and adopt the Euro as our currency. That seems to be where we’re headed.

I think the Tea Party has a real shot at bringing the center of this country back together.

But it won’t happen if it remains so fractionalized and leaderless.

I say throw out the far left! I say throw out the far right! That’s not who most of us are.

The Democratic Party has abandoned it’s own values and is being led by far left radicals; it is at odds with America!

The Republicans don’t even know who they are anymore and are gutless anyway. People are afraid to follow them. It’s like wandering in the desert.

The buzzword “Progressive” is a shallow disguise for “Brave New World of Marxism”.


I hope that Americans will take a look at the possibilities presented by a new party, like the Tea Party. Maybe we have the chance to bring America back to “government by the people”, as it was supposed to be. Let’s just hope that a reasonable centrist leader arises to pull us together, not apart. Someone who believes in, ‘less is more’ when it comes to government.

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I felt like I was reading a modern explanation of our Constitution & Declaration of Independence, which is basically an affirmation of our Founding Fathers. It appears that we need more Pro's, & a Hell of a lot less of the Con's. The amazing scenario, is the legal uprising of our people, into the birth of The Tea Party. I would like to hear your opinions concerning the possible/probable persons who may emerge into leadership. I'm leaning towards someone with the background & intelligence of Newt Gingrich. What say you "Moonlighter?"
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Avatar Reviewed by Mean Dean
February 16, 2010
#1 Reviewer
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