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Detergent Opera
Written by Hildi Borkowski   
Monday, 15 February 2010 21:14
Scene I
Scene II

Scene III

The corner table at Fiona’s diner is “reserved” for Blanche and Rodney.  They always meet for breakfast on Sunday mornings.   Blanche Simonson is usually the first to arrive.  She is dressed in a flower print blouse and white skirt.  She generally wears her blond, shoulder length hair in a flip, but decides today to pull it back in a French twist.  Her pink earrings bring out the color of the small pink petals in her blouse.
Rodney Pilz is uncharacteristically late.  He is a very punctual fellow, a creature of habit.  He does the same thing in the same order every week - one can set their watch by him.  Today is different.
Brenda Davis, the other waitress at Fiona’s approaches Blanche.
“More coffee while you wait, Blanche?”
‘”I guess so, Brenda.  I just can’t imagine where Rodney is.”
“He’ll be here soon, don’t worry.” Brenda reassures Blanche as she fills her cup.
The chrome door to the diner flies opens. Rodney bursts in and hurries to the table.
“Oh, Blanche, please forgive my tardiness.” He says as he sits opposite Blanche.
“I had been detained unavoidably.  Brenda, will you please be so kind as to bring me my coffee?”
“Right away Rodney.”
“Where were you?  I was beginning to wonder what ha..”
“Blanche, dear, it is complicated.  I can’t stay long.”
Perplexed by his actions, Blanche looks up at Rodney.
“Blanche, I am afraid this will be our last meeting.”
“What?  Why?” Blanche asks puzzled by his words.
“Something has come up that I am not at liberty to discuss - with you or anyone.  Suffice it to say that this will be the last time we see each other.”
“But Rodney….” Blanche’s eyes swell with tears. She takes the paper napkin from her lap and raises it to her face.
“Don’t weep, Blanche.  We both have known all along that this day would eventually come.”
“I didn’t think that.”
“We discussed this at the very beginning.”
“I thought I could change your mind…I thought we….”
“Blanche, you are making a spectacle of yourself.  Good bye Blanche.”
Rodney takes the last sip of his coffee and leaves as abruptly as he arrived. Blanche sits alone, holding her napkin in her fist.  She finally composes herself and signals to Brenda to come to the table.
“What happened here?” asks Brenda.  Blanche has a strange look in her eyes, one that Brenda has never seen before.
“Something that I need to address.”
Blanche hands Brenda a dollar bill for the coffee.  Her mood now is a combination of anger and revenge.
“Keep the change, Brenda.” Says Blanche as she gathers her belongings and stands to leave.
“Thanks..”  Brenda tucks the dollar bill in her blouse and watches Blanche as she leave the diner, wondering what she is planning to do.

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