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Our Future Awaits PDF Print E-mail
Written by Cecelia Latoof   
Tuesday, 10 November 2009 10:06

I spent five hours past my daughter's doctor appointment time trying to have her seen for flu-like symptoms recently.   After the excruciatingly long wait, the receptionist announced at 5pm that the office would stay open until 8-10pm to get to the patients who were already waiting.

What a mess!   The pediatric doctors can't keep up with the currently privately insured and medicaid patients who they have already existing on their roster of patients.

What seriously concerns me is that with a government run health plan that allows 10's of millions of illegal immigrants on this health plan, the system will become so extra overburdened, as to become completely ineffectual and defunct.

With salary caps on doctors, does anyone really believe a potential medical student would be willing to spend a decade of his/her life studying?    What about the fortune in educational expenses that they have to dole out?   And then, there's still malpractice insurance to consider.   With capped salaries, do you really believe they will be motivated to part with their time and money only to have to pay it back for most of the years of their working lives?   Hmmm....

Still, there's the consideration of the lowered standards of medical schools to fill empty spots and graduating a lesser number, less intelligent, and less capable doctors.

I'm pretty sure you would want, as do I, to have a doctor who scored high on everything from his ACT, MCAT, and on.  I want a doctor who makes A's with a higher educational expectation. 

I don't want to get stuck with a doctor who was accepted as a medical student guided by what will be new, well below currently accepted standards, and probably lower overall grades which will be accepted as passing.. ..the new standards, I fear, will accept less intelligent, less capable people to produce a larger medical force, with less skill.

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Mean Dean - 11-13-2009 22:00

And another thingy....have all of the nurses in Louisiana talked/cajoled the doctors they work for, to give them ALL Friday's off at noon? What the Hell is with that? I've never seen that before! Tell me that it isn't just to get off early to go to parties, or that they are just a wee bit lazy. Of course, their doctors can also get in an extra round of golf too. Please give me a plausible reason! :s
Mean Dean - 11-10-2009 17:09

:whistle: May a miffed man of morality politely suggest that Barack Obama, & his equal rights political wife, both take a detailed psychological exam - from at least two qualified psychiatrists? Independent ones would be preferred. Might as well toss in Reid & Pelosi too. It is coming down to - it's either them or us. These jokers are driving American's nuts, as the words "revolt," "revolution," "treason," etcetera - are now freely floating across the news media. It appears that gone are the days of "political correctness," as just plain straightforward English slang may be needed to bring our nation back to its senses. I for one, am fed up with this administration & their "Baffle Them With Bullshit" philosophy. Let's pass these nuts into oblivion!
Mean Dean - 11-10-2009 15:19

Does the Tea Party need a shot in the arm, or does Dr. No need a shot across his administration - or both? Is the "Healthcare From Hell" supposed to allow our White House Robin Hood to rob from the rich, & give to the millions who have been poor & on welfare - while dumb-ass little white boys like me worked 2 jobs to stay above water? Methinks millions of mad-as-Hell men may rise up to let the nation know how they feel about sharing their wealth with those who want something for nothing. :angry:
is the doctor in?
Hildi - 11-10-2009 09:44

I agree with you. Gone are the days where you call the doctor because you are sick, too sick to leave the house, and he comes to you! Gone are the days where you actually knew your doctor and could exchange small talk while waiting for diagnosis. Gone are the days where trust was primary in the relationship. Gone are the days where you actually trusted the doctor as being right. Gone are the days, I am afraid.
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