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Medical Music PDF Print E-mail
Written by Cecelia Latoof   
Wednesday, 04 November 2009 14:50

When Cecelia first started taking Banjo, I knew she had a 10 year history of chronic (more than 15 days per month) debilitating migraine. I did not know she also had lupus, fibromyalgia, and herniated discs causing back and neck pain.

The migraine improved very quickly.  After two months on Banjo the lupus, fibromyalgia, and disc pain have all substantially improved and the pain continues to decrease.

I asked Cecelia for a testimonial and she suggested simply publishing our entire correspondence. I thought that was a good idea, since it might provide information a testimonial would never include. I don’t want to spoil a good story – but here’s how it ends.

Cecelia writes:

1. i have more energy.

2. my migraines are so under control, i feel ‘cured’.

3. my herniated discs in my neck are pain free enough that i’m able to turn my head from side to side (what? no big deal? well, you’re wrong!)

4. my herniated lumbar discs, though still tender, allow me to walk up all 19 of these wretched steps to get into the house. i do this MANY times a day!

5. since the onslought of lupus, i have had the energy of a sloth. i not only have elevated energy, but i made it through my daughter’s cheerleading camp–which turned out to be 2 1/2 hours a day, 5 days a week and all day saturdays. on top of that, i volunteered for all of the children’s age groups who participated in ’spirit bowl! i was able to work my butt off!! AND, i suffered no ill effects from it. since the lupus, this was a first for me.

i am weeping as i tell you this. it is just THAT important to me to be able to be a mom to my children–whom, by the way, have watched me wither away in either a bed or chair.

again, steve, thank you for changing my life. in so doing, you’ve changed the lives of those i love and who love me.

with love and respect, cecelia latoof




cecelialatoof: hey doc, any word on the new headache med? i could be a better daughter, sister, wife, mother and friend if migraines would abate. thanks 8:06 PM Aug 18th

drstevesbanjo: I have some now if you don’t mind un-fancy (e.g. primitive) packaging – how often do you have migraine headache? 1:52 PM Aug 19th

cecelialatoof: thanks 4 replying/i suffer migraines apprx 15 r more days month/been 2 docs&can’t find physiologic reason/as docs say, “u have migraines”.  8:13 PM Aug 19th

cecelialatoof: xxxx yyyy blvd, la 700xx/primitive packaging?/the least of worries/thx from bottom of heart/could change my life.  8:23 PM Aug 19th

drstevesbanjo: You should receive your Banjo today. Please send me an email to confirm receipt. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Thanks. 2:58 PM Aug 24th

cecelialatoof: i’ll let u know. ever so many heart-felt thanks. sincerely, c  10:24 AM Aug 25th

drstevesbanjo: primitive packaging…lol – however, the only difference is label and safety seal – otherwise identical to commercial product 4:18 PM Aug 25th

cecelialatoof: mail came. will keep journal for you on my situation. many, many thanks, my friend. cecelia 2:26 PM Aug 25th

drstevesbanjo: waiting to hear your migraines are gone – if not – just keep taking (enjoying) the Banjo – take one whenever you feel migraine coming on 4:43 AM Aug 28th

cecelialatoof: GOOD MORN DR S!!!/feeling quite able on this early morn!/would u like me 2 make my tweets on this issue open 2 public? would b glad 2 do so! 7:24 AM Aug 28th

drstevesbanjo: Good to hear it – keep taking Banjo and we’ll talk soon – I hope “Let’s get better” – and then better yet! (PS – silence for now, thanks) 4:29 PM Aug 28th

drstevesbanjo: How are you doing? 12:17 AM Aug 30th

cecelialatoof: oddly, haven’t had headache few days/psychological?/not sure/whatever, i am thankful 4 day/torn spinal tissue from epidural 10 yrs ago. :(   9:47 AM Aug 31st

cecelialatoof: dr did bld patch 4 torn spinal tissue/no results/thot i’d b like this 4ever/not good senario/begged 4 help from drs-no good/thanks 4 help.  9:50 AM Aug 31st

drstevesbanjo: I’m praying that you never have a headache again – ever. Just keep taking the Banjo.1:41 AM Sep 1st

cecelialatoof: never have a headache again? wow! what an awesome prospect! 7:09 AM Sep 1st

cecelialatoof: 4 some reason, still no headache. it’s been a few days. wonder if i’m dead and just don’t know it yet.  12:51 PM Sep 2nd

drstevesbanjo: How are we doing? Please send me a real email and let me know: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Thanks & hope you’re having a great labor Day weekend! 10:45 AM Sep 6th

cecelialatoof: will write tomorrow–migraine time  9:22 PM Sep 6th

drstevesbanjo: Sorry to hear that – I’ll look forward to your email when you’re feeling better. 12:50 AM Sep 7th

cecelialatoof: increase dose? stay on it whether have migraine r not? r effects cumulative? my migraines aren’t garden variety (torn spinal cord tissue).  7:28 PM Sep 8th

cecelialatoof: i sent you an email. 9:33 AM Sep 9th


Wed 9/9/2009 9:32 AM

good morning, steve

some info on me: i am a 49 year old female with systemic lupus. i was diagnosed in 2000 at 40 years old. i also have herniated discs in my neck.

at 39 years old, when my daughter was being born, the anesthetist tore my spinal cord tissue during the epidural injection. within an hour, i was unable to hold my head up or even to respond to the doctor’s questions from the agonizing pain. the doctor realized what was happening to me and ordered a blood patch–which he said should have worked immediately. it did not. i was given coca cola for the caffiene infusion–which made the headaches worse.

since then, i have been on nearly every migraine med on the market. i have also been on many different pain meds. none really gave me much, or any, relief.

i avoid–like the plague–bananas, avacados, coffee, some beans, some nuts, my beloved chocolate, and a list of other potentially migraine causing foods. i also avoid direct sun and overheating.

i am unable to take acetametiphine due to potential liver issues and ibuprophen leaves me very sick to my stomach. neither seemed to give me relief, anyway.

many days/weeks/months i am unable to even get out of the house. i have tried cold compresses, hot compresses, darkened cold rooms, etc..

this is my general health history–just for your studies into migraines.

are the effects of the banjo cumulative? you know, the longer it is taken, the more it builds up in the body to work more efficiently? should i, perhaps, take it daily to potentially ward off migraines or, at least, lessen the severity? should the dosage be increased?

the long term prescription meds i am on are plaquinil (for lupus) and tegretol (for migraine prevention–did you guess that it doesn’t work?!).

do you have any specific questions you’d like to ask? let me know. even if i’ll be like this for the rest of my life, i would love to be able to help others with migraines.

sincerely, cecelia latoof

Wednesday, September 9, 2009, 10:37 AM

Hi Cecelia – thanks for writing.

First, I don’t know how you’re using Banjo – have you been taking it twice per day? Taking it only when you feel a ‘migraine’ coming on?

Second, it seemed to me that you had several (4?) headache-free days right after you started using Banjo – please let me know if that was the case. Either way, let me know if you have noticed what you think is an impact from the medication.

As you know, your situation is unique and difficult. I hope Banjo can be of some help for you – even just a substantial reduction in frequency or severity would be, I think, a good outcome.

Ah, one last question – do you get discrete migraines – meaning a defined attack that comes and goes with a pain-free period in the middle – or is it more like a continuous migraine with waves of worsening and lessoning pain? And – when you have these ‘migraines’ are they typical of migraine to the extent you have throbbing pain, nausea, light and sound hypersensitivity – is the pain one sided?

Thanks for answering – probably the most important question is “has Banjo been of any effect and how are you using it” but info on all would be helpful.

I can’t answer about increasing dose, etc., since I don’t know current dose.

As for cummulative effects – with arthritis the effects are clearly cummulative – so I would expect the same when used as a migraine preventative. – better over time. However, in ‘regular’ migraine, the product is quite effective at providing acute relief – especially when taken early on in the course of a single attack.

Wed 9/9/2009 12:53 PM

dear steve,

i have only taken the banjo when i sensed the migraine aura. it did most certainly seem to work initially.

i took it twice a day. even after the migraine subsided, i took it for another couple days. the relief seemed profound and i was almost afraid to stop using it. however, there is always another migraine waiting in the wings and i wanted to be sure the med would be on hand. should i have not stopped taking it daily?

i did have several awesome pain free days from the banjo. to be pain free is worth more than anything to me–even for only a day (though i several pain free days-with your help).

i must absolutely agree that any reduction in the frequency and severity of the episodes is not only a good thing, it is a miracle.

no. i do not have pain free moments during the attacks. sometimes it is localized on one side of the head, but not usually. it almost seems as though my brain feels ’swollen’–as if there is just not enough room in my skull.

i have been tested for encephelitis, which came out negative. i have undergone cat scans, blood work, etc. my brain stem area becomes painful with the sensation of bruising, as does my neck–truely painful to the gentlest finger touch. this is almost always accompanied with vomiting. exterme sinsitivity to light and sound, blurred vision and much agitation. the pain is so intense that i cannot lean down as it feels my head will explode.

please feel free to ask me any questions that are pertenent not only to me, but to migraine sufferers in general and i will answer as soon as i can with as accurate info as is at my disposal.

yours truely, cecelia

September 9, 2009, 4:04 PM


OK, let’s see if I understand this correctly…

Your migraine is heralded by a recognizable aura – so you started by taking banjo (1? 2?) at the first sign of impending migraine. That seemed to work, so you then continued taking 2 banjo per day – and when you were doing that you had pain free days.

Then, because you were afraid you might run out, you stopped taking it daily and instead waited for the next aura. When that next migraine came on, Banjo did not work?

As for “pain free” times – what I meant to ask was not “do you have pain free times during the migraine” (which would be really surprising) but – “between migraine attacks – are you basically pain free?” (at least so far as headache is concerned.)

In any case, here is what I would suggest.

Day 1: Take 5 banjo tablets.

Day 2: Take 4

Day 3: Take 3

Day 4: Take 2

Then stay on 2 a day for at least a month.

If at any time you feel a migraine coming on (have an aura) – take additional Banjo. So on some days you might take additional Banjo – don’t worry about the “2 per day” – take whatever amount you need – but never fewer than 2 per day.

I will send you approximately 100 banjo tablets so that you have no fear of running out.

I don’t believe it is possible to “overdose” on Banjo – if you look at the ingredients it’s all stuff that’s been used safely for thousands or at least hundreds of years in amounts much, much greater than are in Banjo.  Nonetheless, the label says “take as needed” and “don’t exceed 5 per day” so we’ll stick with that. And, just so you know, I have often used 5 or more per day – I kind of eat them like candy some days – oddly enough – even though the only illness I have at present is some very bad allergies (hayfever) – Banjo seems to help with that.

Now, here’s what I think. I think you have severe, chronic inflammation and a body/system that has become so extremely prone to ‘flares’ of inflammation that it is going to take some time to get that inflammation under control. To be as successful as possible you’ve got to get that inflammation under control and keep it under control. That’s going to be challenging. But while getting it under control you need to take whatever amount of Banjo you need – up to 5 per day.

I’m sorry that your concern about running out led you to stop taking daily banjo – once the inflammation is under control you really want to do whatever is reasonably necessary to keep it under control.

Please understand that I have to say “this is not medical advice and I am not your doctor and you should both check with your doctor and do whatever he/she says.” All I am doing here is repeating the label instructions and adding my own personal theory about your inflammation.

I’m curious if you developed lupus after the events that started this entire bad chain of events. Of course lupus is an inflammatory condition, so it could in some way result from and then further complicate the existing ‘migraine’ problem.

Your lupus may (should) improve as a result of getting the inflammation under control – but now I need to say “banjo is not for lupus and I am not recommending you take it for lupus.”

Finally, I don’t want to mislead you – your condition is obviously very severe. Nonetheless, I’m very encouraged by the fact that you had pain free days and I’ll do whatever I can to help you have a lot more of those.

How many banjo tablets do you still have?

Please let me know asap as I still have time to get the Banjo tablets out today if I need to do that. You can call my cell phone if that’s easier: 612-XXX-YYYY

And as for me being ‘nice’ – I’ve been working on this product for 12 years. If I can help you – well – that’s a great encouragement to me – so I thank you.

Regards, Steve

Wed 9/9/2009 8:01 PM

dear steve,

when i developed lupus, it was after a several year period of intense grief during my big sister’s diagnosis with aggressive, late stage breast cancer and her futile struggle for survival.

when i went bald, i, naturally thought it was from the stress. i guess the huge, deep lesions should have signalled to me that it was something else, but they didn’t. i did not seek medical attention until my younger sister freaked out. to spare her any more distress, i did go to seek med attention.

oddly, she, too, developed lupus soon afterward–when it rains, it really does pour!! this made me wonder then, and i still do, if the stress could have triggered something that led to the lupus taking hold in the both of us. i was 40, she was 37. hmmm.

i have a tube and a half left of the banjo–i’ve been saving it like gold since it isn’t readily avalable on the market yet. the pain free days it afforded me were precious.

to answer an important question you posed, the spinal tissue injury came before the lupus diagnosis. this means that the migraines preceded at least the diagnosis of lupus.

on another important note, while pregnant with ivy, my ob/gyn performed normal bloodwork that came back with a false-positive of syphillis (SP?). i later learned that that is indicative of lupus–though my dr didn’t say so. i found out this important info through my own research.

so, to back up a bit, i probably already had lupus when i was pregnant. this preceded the epidural fiasco.

i took two banjo today and will begin the 5, 4, 3, 2 regiment tomorrow.

between migraines, i can’t honestly say i’m pain free, but am ok enough to care for my family–which is intensely important to me. i have migraines more days a month than i don’t–which sucks.

your interest and help is very encouraging to me as i have bumped into many a brick wall with my medical issues. thank you steve.

sincerely, cecelia

Mon 9/14/2009 6:02 PM

felt great yesterday. didn’t take banjo. paying for it today.

September 15, 2009, 2:15 PM

Sorry to hear that – but I appreciate the update.

One thing I’ve noticed that is rather common – almost consistent – is that when someone obtains relief from Banjo there is a ‘temptation’ to think it’s not Banjo – as though it were a ‘coincidence.’

Hope it’s short and mild – even that it’s gone by the time you read this?


September 15, 2009 2:43 PM

after every migraine passes, i ALWAYS believe that i’m cured and that it will NEVER happen again. euphoria? denial? ps: i DO feel much better today. thanks

September 15, 2009

When did the migraine start – and did you try to suppress it with Banjo? If you did, any luck with that?

And, since I’m asking questions….

Any current symptoms from lupus? If so, perhaps you might make a mental note of any improvement in such symptoms.

Thanks, Steve

Tue 9/15/2009 4:06 PM

woke up with it nite before last. realized i didn’t take the banjo the day before cuz i was ‘cured’! got up during the night and melted 2 banjo in water and slugged them down. took 2 more in water a couple hours later and 2 more yet later. again, today, i am again ‘cured’. i won’t stop taking it again.

September 15, 2009, 4:47 PM

One way to take banjo is to dissolve them in water, like a ‘tea’ – and then sip the ‘Banjo tea’.  That should work, but not as well.

It’s ‘supposed’ to work much better when you hold the lozenge in your mouth and allow it to dissolve – are you ever using them this way?

Thanks, SR

9/15/2009 8:14 PM


yes. i was disolving them in my mouth. i caught myself sucking them and it made my palate raw. then, i started grinding them with my mortar and pestle, mixing it with water  and drinking it like a tea. i find it efficient and effective. has it not been tested for use in this way?

i’m not having any problems at all–as long i i simply stay on it. the banjo can be the only thing responsible for the lessening of the severity (and even staving off completely for days) the headaches. comments?


9/15/2009 10:24 PM

Sounds good to me – sipping it like a tea works – maybe even as well as letting them dissolve in the mouth – as long as it’s working for you.

I don’t think it would work if you swallowed it whole like a pill – not that you could given its size – but there must be some transmucosal (through the lining of the mouth) absorption.

Yes, it’s the Banjo.

Thanks again. Now – any current symptoms of lupus?

9/16/2009 6:16 AM

lupus symptoms are currently only lesions on my back and tiredness.

i think my dr’s should give banjo to lupus patients as a matter of course. it’s not as though they have much of an arsenal against the disease.. sometimes comfort is the only thing a lupus patient can hope for.

thanks for working with me and not giving up.  cece

September 21, 2009, 11:32 AM

How are we doing?


9/21/2009 12:56 PM

i’m doing well.

have had a few ‘normal’ headache twinges and melted and drank two banjos (extra) and the pain either receded or was, at least, tolerable.

i’m much better, overall, than i have been in some time. just glad for each day.

i’ll be in touch, cece

October 2, 2009, 5:36 PM

How’s it going?


10/3/2009 4:16 PM


happier with my life. thanks, steve.

give my email to others who need independent info on banjo. glad to help any who need my input–all good.

gave my mail to a lady who needed info and we’ll write to one another to share migraine stories on meds that did not help and the banjo that does help.

can i tweet openly on banjo yet? want to put on facebook and write an article on my online magazine, http://www.moonbaby.biz about my experience.

let me know when i can do this. people need help and you and banjo provide it. the world needs to know that there are other options.

thanks and sncerely, cecelia latoof–a believer.

October 5, 2009, 1:16 PM

Hi Cecelia;

Glad to hear you’re happier with your life – that’s the whole point of this undertaking – and yes, it’s about time to start spreading the word. However, I’ll ask that you please refrain from tweeting about Banjo just yet – as there are a few more things to put in place before I start attracting much attention – mostly the web site.

Before you do start tweeting – if you do – I’ll give you some additional info. My plan at the moment is to basically give the stuff away for free – with only a modest charge for shipping & handling (so I don’t go broker…lol) and I’m going to want to send the first 1,000 or so samples mostly to those who have relatively severe migraines/arthritis, etc – primarily because my supply of Banjo is still pretty limited.

I am thankful – very – for your offers and willingness to help. That’s great and means a lot to me. You can help to make a difference in many lives.

Best wishes, Steve

10/5/2009 1:32 PM

i am currently taking only 2 banjos a day since getting the incredibly horrible migraines under control. also, my painful herniated discs in my neck and back–though still painful–are tolerable. again, all i am doing differently is staying on the banjo.

i must be honest with you. the banjo is doing something wonderful for me that even morphine did not. i have been on LOTS of meds in an attempt to find a livable point of pain. i think i’ve found it.

i guess i can say, again, ‘I’M CURED!!”. you know, i say that after every passing migraine, but i hope this time is different. thanks steve.

sincerely, cecelia

October 5, 2009, 1:44 PM

Yes, it should also effectively treat neck and back pain – especially over time. Joint pain – and pains as arise from herniated disks – actually take longer to respond and go away more slowly – sometimes entirely but sometimes not – depends on what’s wrong. Obviously, the Banjo cannot physically repair your herniated disks.

However, you (and I) would be amazed at what the body *can* repain once the inflammation is resolved. Hopefully your neck and back just keeps getting, slowly, better and better over the course of the next few months.

Banjo ‘should’ (or very well might) also ‘get rid of’ your Lupus – since Lupus is ‘just’ another form of inflammation. Not wanting to minimize the seriousness of Lupus – but that’s what it is, at its core – bad inflammation.

The number of lupus cases I’ve seen effectively treated with banjo is zero – because I have never sought it out – migraine and arthritis keeps me busy – but theoretically, it could work for lupus.

Are you still having any headaches whatsoever? If so do they resolve with additional Banjo treatment?


10/5/2009 2:10 PM

yes. i do still have ‘headaches’, though not ‘migraines’. the two words cannot be used interchangeably. the headaches i have are not ‘brainaches’. they are not as severe, often or long lasting as my standard migraines.

please understand, steve, i am not your ‘garden variety’ patient. though, i guess, noone is.

however, with the lupus, fibromyalsia, spinal tissue tear, degenerated discs and scoliosis, i bring a bit more to the table, unfortunately.

NOTHING works for everything, but the banjo has addressed pain in all of these areas. my joints aren’t as painful, though i am not pain free. the discs aren’t as ’sharp’ feeling and i’m able to lean back in bed to read, whereas i wasn’t able to before. the headaches aren’t as ‘aggressive’.

my letters to you are a diary of what i have and am experiencing, thinking, feeling. i hope my honesty is helpful to you.



10/5/2009 3:13 PM

Thanks for the additional insights – yes, of course, honesty is everything and all the feedback is helpful. And of course I understand that you’re not of the “garden variety” – some people are – funny as it might sound to say that (e.g. they have 3 migraines a month and otherwise are pain free – those individuals are ‘easy’.)

I’ll be in touch in a few days – maybe you’ll be willing to take a look at the website once it’s ready (or more ready) – nothing so fancy as yours, but hopefully presentable.


10/5/2009 3:19 PM

by the way, the proof is in the pudding. for the first time in my 10 year old daughter’s life, i am able to sustain an ongoing activity committment to her.

we go to our local park for her to participate in cheerleading practice and to the games, which consumes several afternoons a week.

October 15, 2009, 4:17 PM


If you could send me some sort of testimonial – that would be much appreciated. If you want to simply refer me to something else on-line, that would probably work as well (depending on what it is.)

Hope all is well.

Let me know if there is anything I can do for you – or perhaps for someone you know who is suffering with pain – especially pain of migraine or arthritis.

Best wishes, Steve

10/16/2009 11:59 AM

good morning steve,

all of my letters to you ARE testimonials!! feel free to reprint any or all.

only had one mini headache in two weeks, i think!

sincerely, cecelia

October 27, 2009, 5:41 PM

Hi Cecelia;

Trust/hope you are still doing well.

Any ‘last’ updates before I post the ‘testimonial’ correspondence? Migraines, neck pain (disks), fibromyalgia, lupus?

Primarily hope to hear that your migraines are still under control or, better yet, nonexistent – and that you’re not even having any headaches of the non-migraine type.

You mentioned lupus symptoms on your back – have those resolved?

Finally, I’m very curious about the neck pain.  As I mentioned a few weeks back – my belief is that your neck pain should be gradually decreasing. It might reach a point where the improvement slows – the pain does not decrease as fast – it might even reach a point where very little further improvement is possible – though I do hope you are eventually pain free in respect to the neck pain.

Thanks again for all your assistance.


10/27/2009 7:58 PM

dear steve,

have been more active since banjo than i have been in 10 years.

neck continues to threaten me, but not incapacitated by it in weeks.

have had a few lupus lesions that are a bit resistant, but not many.

migraines?  what migraines?! have had a few (very few) mild headaches, but, again, not incapacitated by them.

have more energy overall.

lumbar discs have been kind enuf to be mere ‘tweeks’, thank God.

all is well. i thank you from my heart, steve.

with thanks and gratitude, cecelia

10/28/2009 10:24 AM

dear steve,

as for the lupus, i continue to take my plaquinil. BUT, i’ve never noticed any difference with the way i feel since being on the plaquinil over these 10 years.

since the banjo, though, my hips hurt less–i can actually walk up all 19 steps to reach my front door. before the banjo, i had to stop two or three times before making it to the top (my coastal home had to be elevated).

lupus also causes an exhaustion so intense that i can become worn out just trying to get to the living room from the bedroom. as i mentioned, i am able to make it up all those steps and into the house. first-i am able to do so due to much lessened joint pain in my hips. second-i actually have the energy to do so!!! i can tell you–it wasn’t the plaquinil that did this for me, it is the banjo.

now for the list:

1. i have more energy.

2. my migraines are so under control, i feel ‘cured’.

3. my herniated discs in my neck are pain free enough that i’m able to turn my head from side to side (what? no big deal? well, you’re wrong!)

4. my herniated lumbar discs, though still tender, allow me to walk up all 19 of these wretched steps to get into the house. i do this MANY times a day!

5. since the onslought of lupus, i have had the energy of a sloth. i not only have elevated energy, but i made it through my daughter’s cheerleading camp–which turned out to be 2 1/2 hours a day, 5 days a week and all day saturdays. on top of that, i volunteered for all of the children’s age groups who participated in ’spirit bowl! i was able to work my butt off!! AND, i suffered no ill effects from it. since the lupus, this was a first for me.

i am weeping as i tell you this. it is just THAT important to me to be able to be a mom to my children–whom, by the way, have watched me wither away in either a bed or chair.

feel free to compile that which you feel pertinent. i trust you not to take my words out of context.

also, at the end of the testimonial, fell free to put my secondary email address there so interested people can contact me for verification of my words. i will respond to all who have questions–if that’s ok with you. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

again, steve, thank you for changing my life. in so doing, you’ve changed the lives of those i love and who love me.

with love and respect, cecelia latoof

Wed 10/28/2009 12:41 PM

dear steve,

not sure i mentioned it to you, but i’m completely off the lyrica for the fybromyalsia.

pretty awesome, eh?


11/4/2009 8:17 AM

dear steve,

guess what i’ve been doing?


haven’t dared that in ages cuz of migraines. on the banjo, i do dare! next, i’m going to try bananas and avacados–yummm!!!

luv ya!, cecelia

11/4/2009 11:31 AM

on another note, those terribly resistant, painful lupus lesions on my back, that i’ve had for TEN years, are COMPLETELY healed. i still have an ‘itchy’ sensation there, but the skin is smooth and cleared up. my husband tells me that the back lesions looked like cigarette burns (and felt about as good).

i am so into this ‘feel good’ thing that i hardly know where to begin. as i told the hubby, “the best tasting food, the deepest love, the caress of a cool wind on a parched face… all is diminished with pain”.

i want to live,



http://doctorstevesbanjo.com  This has truely changed my life. cecelia

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i am still on the banjo
cecelia - 02-24-2010 03:35

i continue to do better than i have in years.!! yea me!! yea banjo!!!
Mean Dean - 11-08-2009 13:50

Damn Cecelia....that hurt to read, & fogged up my glasses too. Way beyond my personal feelings, I also found that your enlightenment on the subject(s) should be beneficial to others. I am forwarding it to my ex-wife in South Dakota, so that she can send it to her best friend, who has had migraine problems for decades. I worried about your folks reading it, but after reading the comments from your mother, I find her a pretty strong person too. About 1979, I solved my migraines with red-hot baths or compresses at the point of poopyness. I haven't had one since. "My Cat & I are now finding the 23 steps at the camp on Grand Isle a pain in the butt...& legs....& back. Butt hey...we are not in any rush anyway. :woohoo:
eloiselatoof@aol.com - 11-05-2009 16:10

Thank God for good days, which most can be when we are well. Energy and vitality are treasures, aren't they? It is great to garden, cook, sew, make pickles, etc. That reminds me that we are running low on my special bread-and-butter pickles. Anyone out there who has an excess of cucumbers for sale? Just kidding. I can go to any grocery and buy them. I prefer the small ones, which I find at certain stores from time to time. It makes me happy to be a pioneer-type woman.
Mean Dean - 11-13-2009 22:07

Of course you are running out of bread & butter pickles. Guys like me can easily sit down in front of the TV, & eat a whole bottle easily - right out of the jar. And what makes yours so "special?" You don't put that devilish Louisiana Hot Sauce in them - do you? :s :X
eloiselatoof@aol.com - 11-05-2009 14:24

this could spin off as a good short story. change names, of course, and make it impersonal. you have a way with words that is special.
migraine free!!
cecelia - 11-05-2009 05:31

well, i'm having ANOTHER awesome day!!!
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