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"It's Not 'Rape' Rape"? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Anna N. Moss   
Monday, 05 October 2009 12:32

Whoopi, I think you are a fool--and a 'fool's' fool, at that.   Your defense of Roman Polanski is not only surprising (even for you), but in essence, minimizing a terrible, violent crime against nature and children.   You literally make me want to vomit.   I bet, at this moment, you are crabbing away from supporting Polanski because bigger and wealthier people than you are standing down.   I honestly don't think you are representing "women's views" on The View.   I'll bet 99.9% of women out there do not agree with your stance on this.   You should be fired, as well as publicly blasted, boy-cotted, and sentenced.

I've come to a personal conclusion you might want what that 13 year-old got.   But I honestly can't imagine anyone wanting you in any manner--be it talk-show host or sexual partner.   You are a shame to the American people, the women you should be representing, children's rights, your co-hosts, and ABC.   The very fact that ABC has not asked you to apologize makes me think they carry the same opinion.   If this is the case, ABC should be boycotted, and their leaders permitting this should suffer the same fate as the impressionable 13 year-old--but maybe ABC might like the former, as well, since apparently it wasn't "rape rape".

What is so odd is I used to really like and respect you and your political opinions--even though I often disagreed with you, I respected you.   Then, when you 'excused' Michael Vick for his animal cruelty charges because that was just a 'way of life', that's when it hit me--you're not a very smart or stable person, and you don't deserve anyone's respect.   You missed the perfect opportunity to be an advocate for children.   How could you?   What kind of sick person would do what he did?   What kind of sick person would support him?   The facts were out, and your acting like the jury is still out.

And why is everyone on The View cow-towing to your inappropriateness?   Saying 'shame on you and them' is simply not enough.   They should have been outraged!   Then The View hosts started in on the mother trying, to transfer fault to her.   Unbloody believable!   This is truly an outrage!

By saying what you said and defending these deviants is almost the same as actually participating and/or agreeing that these acts of violent crimes are acceptable behavior.   And against children?   The most defenseless group in our society?   What the hell is the matter with you?   In my opinion, you are one whacked person, and even my most liberal friends concur with me on this one.   We are all pretty grossed out and flabbergasted.   We agree (my fellow liberal friends and I) on two things:  all children should have health care insurance, and you are one crazy, misguided freak--who needs to be fired.


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Mean Dean - 10-10-2009 09:19

:evil: But will our nation ever see these idiosyncrasies so clearly :?: "Poopy Whoopi" epitomizes the basic character of the "Affront-American" community now, as they now have been energized with even more power from a black White House. 95%+ blacks, especially noticeable in New Orleans, will stand by a black murderer to the nth degree, with the murderer's mother always saying before the TV cameras - "I don't believe that he is guilty, as he was always such a good boy, & attended church." You can follow this psychological phenomenon from coast to coast now, by just following the dismantling of the self-righteous & seemingly rife with criminals - ACORN organization. It appears that blacks are now proving to our nation, that they will push their part in slavery & the Race Card, to gain complete revenge against white Americans - even though present day whites basically had nothing to do with slavery. A black friend told me (actually WARNED me) this 40 years ago, at the beginning of equal rights for blacks. It now seems like THAT was the first shot of our second Civil War. Ya think? :whistle:
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