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My First Date PDF Print E-mail
Written by Olivia Cagle   
Sunday, 22 February 2009 12:11

When I imagined my very first date as a small child, I imagined it being perfect---no parents, no siblings; just me and my date.   Realistically though, in my family, 'perfect first dates' are only heard of in the likes of story books.

First of all, I am not, in a million years, allowed into any movie theater alone.   Not with a boy, anyway.   I told my 'boyfriend' that I would meet him at the movie theater one night at 7:15 sharp.   I informed my parents of this last minute date.   Both my mom and my dad were less than enthused.   After begging and pleading for my mom to avoid embarrassing me in front of my date, we came up with a solution for my problem:  I would go to the movie and so would my mom.   The catch was, though, that we were to act as if we'd never met each other before.   We would not make eye contact.   We would not sit near the same seats.   And by all means, we would not talk.   We were complete strangers to one another.   I was just praying our plan would be carried out successfully.

We came across many problems as we began driving.  One of which was the fact that our destination was an hour and a half away from our house.   We also left 45 minutes later than we had intended.   Unfortunately, our problem cycle continued to repeat itself.   Due to wet paint in my room, I was unable to get into my closet and retrieve the outfit I wanted to wear.   I had no other choice but to wear a last resort outfit (one that I did not particularly prefer).   There was also a very heavy rainstorm which slowed us down.   It managed to ruin my hair and at the same time, conveniently throw away about 20 minutes of our precious time!

As we finally walked through the theater doors, late, I might add, my mom and I suddenly became complete strangers to one another, exactly as planned.   She never looked my way, I never looked her's.   We both purchased our tickets while trying not to look each other's way.   We quietly walked into the theatre.   I didn't know that lady sitting five rows up from me, and that lady definitely, without a doubt, did not know me.

I am not the type of person to keep a useless secret, so I eventually told my date (after the movie) that "that lady" was my mom.   He thought it was funny, and he didn't seem freaked out.   I guess that mine and my mom's plan was not necessary after all!  

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eloiselatoof@aol.com - 02-25-2009 15:33

i had my first date at age 16. it, too, left some dreams unfulfilled..
eggplant15 - 02-24-2009 17:48

I was on the jetbridge about to preflight the plane, called her Mom and said ""No bloody way!"" to the ""date"". Then she said she would be there too....well, OK, I guess...but this is the first I've heard of Mom sitting five rows in front! I 'll be there next time sitting between them with a book-light, a Guns & Ammo magazine, and yelling, ""AHHHH! KILL the B@$+@&)!!!"" during the ""holding hands scene""... Yeah, that should do it...
Mean Dean - 02-22-2009 21:13

I agree Cee...most parents are not that cool...nor was I. Teenagers have no clue as to how tough it is to be a parent. I'll never forget when my eldest son barely lost a 100 yard dash, & I was the one that cried. It actually hurt me more than him! And I never cry!!
may God help me when it's
cecelia - 02-22-2009 16:04

MY turn. AND, may God help my children, as well. i doubt i'll be as accommodating.
Livpink95 - 12-14-2009 01:21

To this day, my mom is STILL just as frustrated from driving and pretending not to know me as she was on that very Friday night! I try not to bring up the subject too often!
Mean Dean - 02-22-2009 15:11

You sure got lucky, to have your mom sitting in front of you instead of behind you. I'm surprised, usually the parent sits behind, so they can keep an eye on things. First dates sure can be rough! However, the best part of the whole scenario, is that your parents care enough about you, to be there to help you through any problems that pop up. It won't always be that way, so learn the basics of safety, & use common sense. Wow...I sound like a Dad!?
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Last Updated on Sunday, 22 February 2009 12:56