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Life in the System PDF Print E-mail
Written by Mona Kerr   
Wednesday, 04 June 2008 14:26


I, as so many others, have been in the situation of not having enough money to survive.  Again, as so many others, I have had to receive government assistance.

One of the things I could not do without was medical care.  I have a disease that requires regular medical assistance which I simply could not afford.  The lady handling my application paperwork held my future--my life--in her hands.  She had complete power over whether I lived or died.  Previously, I was under the misconception that only God had that power in his hands.  I was very wrong.   


Every day, we encounter people at whose mercy we may be.  People who may very well hold our lives in their hands.  That person may be a drunk driver, a childish prankster, or a cold-blooded, calculating murderer.  It could even be a secretary, the boss's wife, or even a doctor.  These people can be very powerful.  Powerful enough to let you live or let you die.  So, take control when and where you can.  If you need government assistance to survive, then do anything you have to do to get it.  Remember, that's what taxes are for.

If you ever find yourself as that all-powerful person, the one who controls the living and the dying of others, have mercy.  Break the rules.  Do what is right by the individual, yourself, humanity, and God.  Then you can look deeply into yourself and be happy with what you see and feel.

And remember, government programs don't help the needy if the people who run the programs don't believe in what they are doing. They are demi-Gods. And they can let you die.  Or, they can help you live.


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The System
underOvr - 11-19-2009 02:48

I just happened to read this post and although it was written over a year ago, it still resonates. The subject of Health Care in America has generated a great deal of media attention and conservative animosity. I live in a country where corporation executives receive millions in salary and bonuses. Physicians, hospitals and health insurance providers all benefit from a billion dollar industry. While people who cannot afford medical services are charged premium prices for routine exams, conservatives would have Americans think, "all is well". There are so many in my country who feed on greed, selfishness and hatred. There is a way to eliminate the health care nightmare that exists for citizens, reduce the cost of medical services so that those who can least afford it are not excluded.
Mean Dean - 12-01-2008 09:48

Hey Mona........come back Mona.........am missing your writing and input! Darn...bet Obama has taken you from Moonbaby & placed you in his overall plans to only make left turns. Butt....4 left turns will bring you back to us. Ya think?
Mean Dean - 07-12-2008 09:02

Concerning "government assistance," will an Obama nation become an abomination?
eloiselatoof - 06-06-2008 10:07

entitlements are for the needy. if one finds oneself in that position, it is advisable to use whatever one may need to do to accomplish the resulting assistance.
Mean Dean - 06-04-2008 13:48

"Take control when & where you can" is great advice! It is really necessary to keep a close eye on people in power, as many are not even aware of how or when to use it correctly. There are numerous ways to circumvent unfairness. Going over their head, going to the news media, or even threatening them can win the day. All three have worked for me! As a former federal employee, I saw unfairness continually.
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