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The Ides of March, 2011. 


At the time of this writing, we have witnessed a 9.0 earthquake and killer tsunami in Japan, and we are wondering if these will trigger the long-predicted "Big One" along the San Andreas Fault in our own country.  World governments are also being thrown into turmoil politically, all along the top of Africa, and the financial crisis has impacted every nation on earth.  The entire World Order has changed; nothing is the same as it was a few short years ago.  And now NASA tells us that the Sun's outer magnetic field is 1000% brighter than it used to be!  Consequently, many people are predicting either the End of the World and the Second Coming of Christ, or a global Pralaya (look up Yugas under Hinduism) that will bring the Old Age to an end and usher in a completely different - and hopefully better - New Age.  We hear words like "Dimensional Shift" and "The Rapture" a lot, though usually not from the same camps.


What strikes me uncomfortably about some of the usually compassionate and humble spiritual teachers in my life, is how much they seem to relish saying "I told you so!" in their emails and tweets.  There actually seems to be a level of glee in their dire predictions - which leads me to conclude that there is something deeper here than simply observing earth changes and trying to help each other survive them as best we can.  Everywhere we look, the human psyche is experiencing tsunamis of religiosity. 


For, you see, if these things come to pass, it will mean that those who predicted them were RIGHT!  The doctrines of their church, or the teachings of their Guru, or the messages from their channeled entities from outer space, will be proven to have been the right view of life and reality from the very beginning.  How stupid and pathetic everyone else has been, not to listen and believe!  The non-believers will reap what they deserve for their mocking, irreverent attitude.  And how very intelligent must the Chosen have been, that they heard the Truth and recognized it, and adhered to it to the end.  Hooray for them.


I'm trying hard not to pass judgment on this attitude - after all, maybe it's justified.  Whatever will be, will be.  But I do want to record it for whatever posterity may be able to read this in times to come.  Even as the human mind reaches the heights of inspiration, it seems that the human ego is still subject to the temptations of hubris.  If I may submit my own humble opinion, I'd rather be pulled out of a sink-hole by someone who feels just as human as me, than by an evangelist who thinks he is superior.  I think that dying in the mud and being released into the afterlife would be preferable to surviving in a self-congratulating Theocracy.


But that's just me.  Your opinion may be different. 




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