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Literature Your Columns Contest IF WE COULD GO BACK IN TIME


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This essay was written in the context of vast "Yugas" of time that our modern science has not been able to verify....going back not a mere 5,000 years, but more like 50,000 to even a million!  Such ideas are not as unusual as you might suppose.  They are held in common by Hindu Yogis and New Age people of all sorts (like those who believe we came from Lemuria, Mu and Atlantis, and think the pyramids were levitated into place by space aliens).  Whether true or not, the belief is that humanity experienced Golden Ages in the distant past, when people were more directly attuned to Divine Inspiration than our society is today.  My thesis is that even in such enlightened times as those, there must have still been a great difference in individuals' levels of development; it just doesn't make sense to me to think otherwise. 

We all love to speculate about lost civilizations and ancient ages.  But I am strongly convinced that even in those fabled times when mankind supposedly possessed the purest divine knowledge, our earliest incarnations were still asking our deepest questions.  To use an expression of T. H. White's, humankind is "a Questing Beast."



I think that we'd find, if we went back in our time machine, that people disagreed about where we came from and why we are here, just as much as we do today.  After all - not everybody in the world is equally enlightened!  Not everybody went to the same school, or is inspired by the same voices.  And not everybody has the same I.Q. 


I think we are fascinated by the past because it represents a totally different worldview to our own.  Their mythology was not the same as our mythology.  And we think that maybe - just maybe - their way of viewing the cosmos could help us to be a little more peaceful. 


It's especially frustrating to us that our science and technology are helpless against the finality of death; so we envy the ancients' unscientific belief in immortality.  In their worldview, it was not necessary to prove everything in a concrete, repeatable manner.  While repeatable rituals and techniques have always been recognized as useful in the workaday world, it was accepted that some things were above the need for physical proof.  If our daemon or guardian angel told us something, and if it resonated truthfully within our mind and heart, we could pretty much take it to the bank and not worry about it.  Not only could some things be taken on faith - they were meant to be. 


How different this was from our present culture, when every speculation we make is met with, "Prove it!" or "I'll believe it when I see it," or "Man, get with the program!"  Every time we decide that it's enough for something to be real for us alone, we feel like guilty defectors to an age of Paganism and Magick.  And perhaps that is why we feel so attracted to those subjects.  Perhaps it reflects our yearning for a society that would show respect for individual human beings, regardless of age, philosophy or fashion sense. 


Even if nobody else could hear the same messages, ancient people were at least careful enough to give others the benefit of the doubt.  After all - you never knew!

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