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Oh Charlie! They Just Don't Get You PDF Print E-mail
Written by Angela Latoof Cagle   
Monday, 28 February 2011 15:18

Dear Many Half Men,

Really?   You hire Charlie Sheen to play himself (and with himself) knowing what a potentially loose cannon he can be, and then basically fire him for the same reason?   It's like marrying me 'cause I'm a girl, and then divorcing me for the same reason. 

You see, when you brought Charlie in, you brought in sex, drugs, and, well, a whole helluva lot more, and I'm only talking about your TV show, not his personal life.  Oh, wait, that's right; it kinda is his personal life.    So exactly, about what are you so pissed? 

The only thing I can figure is you are ticked at yourselves.   Do you realize how much free publicity Charlie's 'misguided ways' have given you?   Do you realize the reason you hired him is because of said misguided ways? 

Honestly, why now?   Why cancel now?   The public expects Charlie to have orgies, masturbate, do drugs, and basically lead a lifestyle of decadence - on and off the screen.   In fact, it appears to be encouraged.   That's why you hired him.   Exactly what line did he cross (other than the aforementioned)?

Let me explain my issue;  yes, everything he is doing is outrageously unacceptable to most people.  His character is so over the top that you have millions of men a day living vicariously through him; perhaps even yourselves.   Why?   Because he actually walks that walk.  There's no pretension.   He likes sex, drugs, and the menageries that come with it.   That is who he is; agree or not.

You, on the other hand, I find hypocritical.   You hire him to play himself, he spouts off insultingly (as he is wont to do) and you take your toys and go home?   I thought you were all big boys and Charlie the child.   Whatever happened to 'sticks and stones'?

The way I see it, you are all Half Men.

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Half Men
TedCzukor - 03-03-2011 10:21

Very good, Angie, very good! Of COURSE they hired him to portray himself, and they're been very successful as a result. Charlie makes an excellent point when he says that since they're offering him two to three million an episode, he MUST be a rock star from Mars! Why should he act like anything else? I find it funny that he's now emulating 80-something Hugh Hefner and The Girls Next Door. But, as you observe, there is that fantasy part of the male mind that can't help envying him. Sorry, but it's true. That's why the show is so popular. ONE THING I ADMIRE, as a former actor myself, is Charlie's concern that his crew be paid for all the shows they were contracted to do - and then that his other cast members should receive their contracted pay - and then, last of all, he should be paid himself. This is perfectly in keeping with the tradition of being the Star of the production: that all those who support you should be supported by you in return. Good for him!
Half Men - Half Idiots & All Out Of Their Minds
Mean Dean - 03-01-2011 09:49

"Charley The Loony" is "sticking" to his life of being "stoned." "Hollywood Hell" strikes again!
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Last Updated on Thursday, 03 March 2011 07:59