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IT'S ALL ONE PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ted Czukor   
Friday, 17 December 2010 11:36

Ted Czukor
Winter Solstice 2010
We have been told that "yoga" comes from the Sanskrit word for "yoke" -- as in, to yoke a pair of oxen together so they can pull a plow in the same direction.  This is a metaphor for the technique of coordinating your body, mind, emotions and spirit through single-pointed concentration on your breathing…..an esoteric skill that is difficult to master.
But when you've been on this path long enough to acquire life experience and qualify for the title "maturity," it gradually dawns on you that you never had to join anything together at all…..you just had to wake up to the fact that everything was already joined together from the beginning!  Everything truly is All One.  The Yogic State is not the forced creation of something that didn't exist before; it is the realization of that which has always existed, but was too subtle for your gross senses and busy ego to recognize.
When this is revealed to you, your mission suddenly starts to feel more natural.  You don't have to be the controlling pilot of a fighter jet!  God/Goddess has provided a miraculous entertainment for you, and lovingly invites you to sit quietly on your meditation cushion and appreciate the beautiful reality of Oneness happening all around you and within you.  It's All One, and you are a part of it.  
You will be moved to perform whatever actions are required of you in each situation, if you patiently wait to see what comes to you unbidden and unforced.  But to make sure the message was properly received, hold it up to the mirror of intuition -- your deep inner sense of right and wrong -- before you act on it.  Sometimes we make harmful decisions even with the best intentions, through misinterpreting the message or its source.
The near-sightedness of Maya makes many things seem different from other things.  But when your vision expands to the cosmic perspective, each divergent opinion or personality is clearly just a tiny piece contributing to the same vast jigsaw puzzle.  The Divine Artist casts individual actors to play different roles in order to create the story.  This world of form could not exist without opposites, and it is important for you to determine which role you are meant to play…..but we are parts of the One great story.  With this perspective, you can accept people with different beliefs as necessary parts of the whole, without acting like them yourself.  Let them play their parts, while you play yours.
If you are meant to be a bearer of Light, let somebody else be the black hole!


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