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Letter From Dean, Grand Isle, LA PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dean Flewwellin   
Thursday, 19 August 2010 07:49


Hi Ladies.....Tropical Depression 5 circled around & convinced me to come home early, as Grand Isle was already soggy & spun my tires in the water in our yard trying to get to the road.   80% rain scheduled for 3 days, so escaped early - in case the rotation became a lot worse.
East end of the island was open to the public & saw several surf fishermen, & even a few crabbers.   Traffic is still very heavy & restaurants full.   Tough trying to find a parking spot at Safeway Grocery with about 60 spots already taken.   Busiest I've ever seen it on the island.
Seeing a lot more birds now & were feeding 50-75 seagulls this time.   They wait on the beach or levee until we walk onto the "Poopdeck," then fly up to us & squawk a lot.
Just offshore from the east end of the island, we saw 11 pogie boats Monday morning, with their normal yellow spotter plane flying above them.   They normally tend to congregate in the same area from the spotter plane report, but 6 was the most we've seen heretofore.
All of the sheds that were underneath the camps  that disappeared with Gustav & Ike, are still empty.   I believe that the heavy storm season that was predicted has made us all want to wait until next year to rebuild them.   Meanwhile, the large grille sits in our living room when not in use, & the riding lawnmower rides back & forth from Chauvin when the yard needs cutting.
Everybody appears to be going to the his camps every weekend, but not many going to the beach yet.   The fishing rodeos have begun again, & a free concert is scheduled for September 5th at the Bridgeside Marina.
Oil Spill work is still going on at the east end of the island, & BP & National Guard are still patrolling the beach & racing back & forth on their 4-wheelers.
Food prices at Safeway are outta sight, as a can of .50 cent peas sell for $1.25 there - to give y'all an idea.
Hope all is well with you ladies!

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