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Literature Short Stories (Contest) From Warrior to King

From Warrior to King Hot

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Honorable Mention for Intriguing Series, August, 2010.


From Warrior to King

The rise of Mitch the Defender

By: Daniel Dean Young

Third in the series





  It has been three and a half months since the reactor meltdown that resulted in the mutated version of the world in which Mitch and Sherri now inhabit. There home

Is more than adequate. In fact, with  the additional room and toilet Mitch added to

guard shack were they had found shelter, is was quite comfortable. The pelonasium

reactor was much stronger than Mitch originally thought that it would be and provided

heat and lighting with reserve power left over. His extraordinary abilities Mitch has learned to control and found he is quite the hunter Other than the animals, in varieties never seen, there has been no other signs of  life. Although Mitch is very grateful for the meat they have provided he can’t help but wonder if there is any intelligent life other than he and sherri. He has been keeping track of the days by the traditional calendar. Figuring it to be the evening of September 10, 2010. All but conceding he and Sherri may live and die here all alone, He closed his eyes in hopes for a dream from happier days………


  Shortly after waking, Mitch was building a fire to cook some of mountain rabbit he

Had killed two days previous when he began to hear what sounded like a stampede.

After waking Sherri he walked up to the peak of the hill, which served as his look out

For prey and had to blink and rub his eyes to be sure of what he was seeing. In the distance, Probably a mile or more and closing fast, there appeared to be either men or something close to it. There must be hundreds, he thought to himself. As they got closer he could make out that they where at least part human but very small. They appeared to be running in fear of something. Then the something appeared a short distance behind them.

  Even from this distance Mitch guessed it had to be 30 feet tall and nearly half again as

Wide. Neither man nor beast, it had at least seven eyes set in head shaped somewhat like

A diamond. Three arms, one of which protruded from its abdomen, just below a huge mouth filled with knarely teeth and two tongues. The creature was snatching up the his

Prey and devouring them in one bite. Horrified, Mitch found himself walking into the path of the oncoming mass. What followed would be the beginning of  legend.

  Summoning his powers he was instantly engulfed in blue flame as he let out blood curdling scream. Stopping directly in the path  of the giant he prepared to battle the

Diamond headed beast. Man you are ugly, Mitch thought to himself, so much for diamond in the rough. The thing stopped about thirty yards in front of Mitch and laughed

“ you dare stand in front of me you tiny little fool, You are about to die”

  Taking off at a dead run Mitch made a bee line for its left knee hoping to topple the

Brute. Instead he felt like a bug kissing a windshield of a fast moving car. All he managed  to do was make the thing giggle. He then found himself being swooped

Up by the middle arm and in route to be another snack. Just as he reached the opening

He kicked with all his might, breaking loose one of the beasts front teeth which shot

Into the back of its throat. The creature choke and loosed its hold just enough for Mitch

To free himself. Wasting no time Mitch jammed his sword into the creatures chest and held on much as mountain climber to a stake driven into rock.  As he pulled the blade



The beast snatched him of its chest, threw him a good twenty feet into the side of a solid rock hill. The impact made a deafening “thud” and knocked the wind out of him. Then

Came the rage. Rage beyond anything ever conceived or imagined. Mitch felt it begin

To boil in the deepest depths of his being  Rising up in him like lava preparing to spill

Onto the surface and burn everything within reach. It erupted beginning with a scream

Directed at the beast. “ Its not me that’s gonna die on this day you ugly son of a bitch.

On this day I will rise up and defend those that you wish to destroy.”


  Mitch leapt in the air as if shot from a cannon, bounced off of the creatures thigh

Landing squarely on its left shoulder he sunk his sword directly in the large vein pulsing on the side of its neck and a fountain of blood erupted spreading out in a fan 15 feet

Wide. The beast yelped in pain and swatted at Mitch, narrowly missing, it swung again

Making contact and sending Mitch flying thru the air. He barely managed to tuck into a

Forward roll to lessen the impact and landed on his feet. In what looked to be one fluid motion Mitch lept onto the foot of the beast as if it were a spring board rotating a full rotation he sank his sword in the center eye of the beast.  There was an audible POP

As it pierced the surface and a geyser of crimson red flowed from the wound. Falling to one knee the beast wimpered as it fell on its side and let out its last breath. Wiping his sword in the beast hair  Mitch turned to sea an ocean of dwarves, mutants and others

For wich he knew no name, all on one knee, head bowed chanting: “Mitch the Defender,

Long live the King”

  Sherri came to his side and said “ I love you my King”

  So began the Legend of Mitch the Defender. What adventures await him remains to be seen.

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