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Artichoke This!!! PDF Print E-mail
Food Frenzy
Written by Cecelia Latoof   
Sunday, 23 May 2010 08:01



Well, it seems fresh grown artichokes really are better than any you can buy in the store or restaurant.

Consider for a moment the incredible miracle of a single tiny seed that grows up to become a miniature produce stand.   Starting the second year, that tiny seed gives you 10-12 gorgeous artichokes a year for the following 6 years.   Seriously, now that is my kind of vegetable:  plant once every 7 years.   Could maintenance be any lower?   Well, yes.

Besides the bounty of given gifts, my garden never needs weeding.   What?   Oh, no you didn't call me that!!!   It really doesn't ever need weeding!   I framed up an above ground plot, filled it with wonderful soil and peat moss.   And since there are no weeds to pull, I pretty much just move in and take whatever little treasures catch my eye each day.

Yesterday it was two baskets of veggies:  7 artichokes, 4 cucumbers, 2 banana peppers, more lettuce than my family will eat in 2 weeks (and more and more is ready each day), orange and pineapple mint (I made tea), and a beautiful stalk covered with brussel sprouts.

By the way, I stuffed and steamed the artichokes.   Then we ate them before I thought to take a picture for this article.   One might think this is a fish story;  it's not.   Just check out the pics of them still growing in my garden!






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Mean Dean - 05-24-2010 11:34

OK OK Where did you guys see that play? Hmmm...may have been a movie too!? Also wonder how many readers understood the "Feed me Seymour" (English version)? Hey...maybe it should be "Feed Me Cee-more!? :woohoo:
feed me seymour!!!
cecelia - 05-25-2010 18:52

that's from the cult film, 'little shop of horrors'. today's garden take was enuf lettuce to choke a horse!!
Mean Dean - 05-26-2010 13:13

That's right Cee! In fact, I believe that you have already mentioned it on Moonbaby - maybe 2 years ago. It was a play too, but may have been a high school play. I'm the "horse" that eats a lot of lettuce, sometimes chopping the head in half, & dipping it into light ranch dressing. Sometimes chomp 2 tomatoes with it. That's the girly side of me - I guess!? :whistle:
Mean Dean - 05-23-2010 23:35

"Yummy" my butt! Except for lettuce, only females eat this "Girlie Garden" stuff. Gotta hand it to ya though....you have a knack for growing stuff....veggies, flowers, kids. :whistle:
girlie food!?
cecelia - 05-24-2010 06:43

i think i might know a coonass or three that might not quite agree with that!! gorgeous flowers tho, huh?
Mean Dean - 05-24-2010 10:40

Hey Cee....I married a beautiful large-breasted Coonass from the Lake Charles/Vinton area, & don't remember the males choking on artichokes. I find that most Coonasses, & other Cajun Country guys, eat seafood about 3+ times a week. After attending about 9 years of copious cookouts, they grille hot dogs, burgers, sausage, steaks, chops, & whatever they hunt (I suspect "road kill" too). The sexy "always-on-a-diet" girly group always make salads, & 2 years ago, snuck in those funny little sticks with veggies & fruit, which they force the cooks to cook - & frequently look gross. Do your 3 Coona$$e$ walk funny? Butt, I do agree, you & the flowers are gorgous! :P
these are MINE!!!!
cecelia - 05-23-2010 15:10

how yummy is this!!?
eggplant15 - 05-23-2010 19:09

That is one impressive beast like Mark said, "Feed meh See-moe!"
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Last Updated on Sunday, 23 May 2010 17:44