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Okay, enough already! Enough snow, enough ice, enough cold weather. Actually the cold doesn’t bother me that much when I’m healthy, I can dress for that. Wind, that’s another thing; cold wind is hard to compensate for. Cold weather is kind of refreshing sometimes provided you’re not hacking with a chest cold or flu. But, all this snow and ice, yuk! The only place I like ice, is in my drink!

I’m still recovering from a bad fall a few weeks ago when I broke a rib, but hey, I was lucky. It can always be worse!

For me, an electrician who depends on new building, it’s a double whammy with this weather. The economy has driven lots of contractors out of business, leaving us less work all around, but the weather has really killed any hope of new projects getting started before spring.

I’m getting cabin fever and a broker with each passing day. No money coming in makes a man feel like he’s not worth much. We all take enough pride in our work, I hope, to feel like it’s intrinsically a part of who we are; at least if you’ve put time and money into learning your craft, or trade.


I believe sunshine and warmer weather would probably help my mood, but then so would a lot of other things, like money. But, I do have friends, and that’s worth more than money; it’s just not easy to trade them in for food.

I spent this weekend at a gun show in my town where lots of paranoid people like me go. We worry about the government taking away our right to own guns; it’s such a part of tradition and life in rural America. We worry about jobs and health insurance too, and we worry about our kids and the kind of world they’ll inherit.

I hope they’ll have jobs and health insurance and a home of their own, the ability to still walk in a forest, hike beside a creek and plink at tin cans. But it ain’t lookin’ good!


At this point you probably wonder if I’m some kind of fundamental/survivalist/conservative kook from middle America who belongs to a militia ready to overthrow the government. Not so! I am in fact a pretty liberal guy, but I still think we (America) are headed for a bad place. Can we afford to pay for all the money our government is spending? WE have to pay the bill, you know!

Can we continue to support and educate illegal aliens, from anywhere?

Can we afford to spend billions, and give away billions, in the name of climate change without even convincing evidence that we’re not looking at natural cyclic changes?

It won’t hurt us to save energy and not pollute the environment when we can, but does everything have to be a kneejerk reaction where we set up massive bureaucracies that cost us billions?

What happens when America is bankrupt?

Who runs the show then?

I always thought small businesses like me, were the heart of America and the economy, but so many have gone under and I’m teetering too. I don’t see anyone rushing to bail me out, either. I can’t even get good tax breaks to help me out.

Why is America so anti-business?

When did hard work and making money become a crime?

When did capitalism become a dirty word? We used to taut it above Communism!

Why are American citizens so reviled and so punished?

I want to feel proud again!

I want to feel like I have a chance again!

I want some respect for who I am, I’m tired of being called a racist every time I disagree with someone else about something, anything. I’m not a racist because I want the borders secure!

I am not paranoid, or a conspiracy theorist, because I want a fiscally responsible government!

I am not proud to be a Republican or a Democrat; they both suck!

They’ve both let the people they represent down!


I am sick! I am sick from the toxic BS that spreads from the hollowed halls of our government!

I am being killed, and I resent it! I’ve fought hard to be where I am, who I am, what I am!

And, I will not go quietly!


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