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Celebrate Imperfection

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In my youth I was intolerant of imperfection.  I did not think that I was perfect, but I expected every institution entrusted with my education to be a perfect repository of knowledge, and free of all error - so that once I had learned their teachings completely, I too would be error-free.  I used to judge all spiritual or metaphysical organizations by whether I could discern any mistakes or inconsistencies in their doctrines; if I could, I would cease to support them or identify myself with them.


But now I know that perfection does not exist in human endeavors, and that it is no shame to admit that we are human.  The sincere seeker will always welcome correction where it is valid, and will strive continually for improvement.  As they say, life is a process.


My wife and I just saw the first episode of "Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking."  His explanation of the moment of Creation - what happened after the Big Bang - has given me a completely new insight into the subject of perfection.  It turns out that we owe Creation, and our own existence, to the fact of Imperfection!  


If all the elements had lined-up in perfect balance and equal mass, they would have cancelled each other out; there would have been no movement, and therefore no manifested creation - Nothing!  In point of fact, it seems that there is no such thing as Perfection anywhere - even in the Cosmos itself!


So, as I approach my 63rd birthday, I am learning to celebrate the principle of Imperfection - not as proof that I am an example of unworthiness, but as the mechanism by which my very existence was made possible!  The fact that I am imperfect is what connects me to the Universe.


It may be that imperfection was given to us as a Divine gift; for without it, what would we have to strive for?

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Yes, I found out many years ago, that it was just too darn hard to be perfect. My good friend of 64 years has similar beliefs as yours, & has spent his lifetime blasting away at my imperfections. Of course, he is a highly intelligent engineer, has worked on top secret projects, speaks fluent German, published a book in German, & even his hobbies take better than average intelligence. Overall, he is actually a Helluva nice guy! But I took a hard turn away from becoming an architect, & he has never forgiven me. I guess we were both fairly smart at one time, both from NY, & both at the U of FL at age 16, & both world travelers. I've published three books, worked 2 jobs for 23 years, & carried a pistol for 16 years. I am proud of our careers, but he thinks I have a "poison pen" & am a "clown." And he is not entirely incorrect! However, he has poo-poo'd my 70,000+ hours of volunteerism, including working with the blind for three decades. We both have two ex-wives! And now we are both fully retired with $$ in the bank, but have taken different routes to get there. You might say that I am now celebrating imperfections. C'est la vie! I may have to kick his butt some day! :)
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Avatar Reviewed by Mean Dean
May 26, 2010
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Last updated: May 27, 2010
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