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The door was closed

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The door was closed, at then Senator Barack Hussien Obama atthe begining of the Presidentail race in America. He was clearly the under dog. Barack Obama had no chance at all of winning the  Election. But as time passed from one primary to another, from one caucaus to another, the race was becoming interested. At last Barack Obama did not just win the democratic primary, he won the presidency with a landslide. How on earth did he do it. I do kont know, but what i know is that love came in even though the door was closed.


Racial division had prevailed for ages, hate and love were in the ring fighting for our lives.Which would prevail, which will surrender? Some are despised and judged by thier color, instead of the content of their character. We are fond of closing the doors behind us so those who look a bit different from us would not come in.


The door was closed, by our minds and egos.But suddenly love came in.Oh love I need you badly. But who are you love? Some say you are a thing, some say you’re a feeling but i know you are a person, just like me. Some love behind closed doors. Others love on roop top where all could sing their praise.But I want to love when unnoticed. I want to show a labour of love. And i want to be a shoulder for a heavy ladened fellow to lay on.


The door was closed, but love came in because he has no bounds. But who is love? What do he look like? From whence comes he? Does He come and leaves at will? Does He stay when things are fine and leaves when we needed him most? No we all can see what love can accomplish. We all are withnesses today. The very long awaited health care bill is finally passed. What could not be accomplsh for decades now looked so easy, only because love broke our bounds and entered.


The door was closed, but it did not stop him. For he was determined to make a change.

A change that we believed in.Yes we can, even when the door was closed. Yes we can make a change. Yes we can shape our destiny. Yes we can make the world a better place than we met it.

Yes we can live our lives for others. That’s what love always does, even when the door was closed. The door was closed, yet change came our way.He can to redeem and to restore.


Barack obama is not this love but only an agent of love. He is an instrument through which love visited us in america afresh. Love, you’re  the great and mighty conqueror. You’re the Creator of all things. All things were made by you and for your own good pleasure. You’re the maker and the breaker. All things good and beautiful you make, and all things out of tune you break to pieces. Oh love I need you badly.


The door was closed, but he came in and loosed the prisoner. The door was closed, yet the shackles were broken by an invisible hands.Yes the door was closed, but it did not deter him. He came like a lighting before the rain. Like the thunders ripping through the woods. At the end of the storm, we have seen the silver linning. We are pleased to know that our hope has not been in vain. Our waithing, though for very long was worth it all. We cried for help, for so long. It seemed like that day of rejoicing would never come. All men of good will, of all colors and races, locked up behind closed doors, but it only made him hear our cry well. And he commanded “why cry speak and go forward” We then spoke with one voice and  the much needed change came. Only because love showed us the way and the people found their voice and their way. O brother show your light, let the people find their way.

The door was closed, but love came in, How did he do it. I do no know, but i saw him walked through the walls and barriers, for the are only man made. And with love nothing is impossible

But how do I know I’ve got him? When I prefer another to myself, when I repay good for wrongs done, when I give out all in love, when I don’t seek to receive of man, when my eyes are closed to see faults, when my ears are closed to all ills, and when my mouth speaks only lovely words.


If I have not love, I have nothing. If I give not love, I give nothing. Better not to have than not have in love because when love comes, color and race are out. Where love stays, friendship blossoms, where love abounds, divorces are not mentioned and where love resides harmony exists. Oh love I need you badly.


The door was closed, but love shatered the barriers,and kicked the darkness away.

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Zoephyla, I loved your leanings towards love, & found it an interesting read from a person/writer from another country. I would love to know which country!? I also loved the depth of your thoughts, which led me to asking you to write another "in depth" submission anytime in 2011. The political climate may change a lot during this year, which appears to be heating up towards our November 2010 elections for Congress. Love is fleeting, so I've heard, & I highly suspect that the previous love for Obama may follow that same trend. So keep a sharp eye on our politics, & write again.
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