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Robber's Cave

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“You coward, Lisa,” said her boyfriend, Tom, “don’t you have any sense of adventure?”


“I have a sense of being scared,” she said indignantly!


“Mindy,” said Tom, “tell her it’s all right.”


“Yeah,” said Josh, “I think it’d be cool, we should go, all of us.”


“I don’t know,” said Mindy, “sounds spooky to me, besides what if we get caught?”


“Oh, what are they gonna do to us, charge us with trespassing,” said Tom?


“Well, duh, yeah,” said Mindy.


Josh rolled his eyes and said, “big deal, fifty dollar fine or something. What if we find a treasure chest down there, or some valuable Indian artifacts. Indians used those caves for religious rites and stuff, I think.”


“Yeah,” said Lisa, “they say the caves are haunted by Indian spirits. If you go down there, you can hear them chanting and drums beating. I don’t want to meet any of them!”


Tom laughed, “come on Lisa, please, for me? I don’t believe in spirits, Indian or otherwise. Besides, I’ll protect you!”


“You sure,” said Lisa suspiciously?


“We’re in,” said Josh.


“We are,” asked Mindy? “Who’s this we, white man?” Mindy laughed as Josh tickled her in her sides. “Oh come on, Lisa, let’s go check it out. Nobody’s been in Robber’s Cave for years, it’ll be neat!”


Lisa sighed; she really didn’t want to go. “You sure we can even get in,” she asked Tom?”


“Hey, I scoped it out the other night,” said Tom. “I sat there behind the sandwich shop and watched till about dark. I saw bats flying out from this hole near the base of the bluff where the old entrance was. So, I went back the next day and dug around till I got an opening big enough to crawl through.”


“Didn’t the city cement over the opening,” asked Josh?


“They cemented the opening that was being used when they closed it down,” said Tom, “but that wasn’t the original opening. The original entrance was huge, you could drive a car in it, I saw the pictures. People used to go there for picnics inside the huge room at the entrance. You could buy postcards with pictures of the cave. Bandits like Jesse James hid out there in the old days. At one time a brewery bought it and stored beer in there to keep it cool. Then this old lady bought the ground and sealed off a bunch of the tunnels, one of which is supposed to connect up to a tunnel between the old insane asylum and the State prison. Some prisoners escaped through it and they dynamited it closed. The old lady used to charge fifty cents to let kids go in, but you couldn’t go very far. They bricked up the main tunnel. They had a string of lights that were separated so far apart it was pitch black between them.”


“Wow,” said Josh, “I’m in!” He looked at Mindy, “we’re in.”


Mindy said, “whatever.”


“All right,” said Tom! He parked his car behind a vacant building and they waited till it was almost dark before heading down the slope to the cave entrance.


The four of them sneaked down the hill and found the opening Tom had described and they crawled in.


“I better not get any bats in my hair,” said Lisa, “I hate bats!”


Josh and Tom both laughed, it was all a game anyway. Teenagers are always looking for an adventure, even if it’s reckless and stupid.

Tom had brought three flashlights all charged up and bright. They shined their lights down the narrow tunnel and Lisa clung very hard to Tom’s arm.


Tom said, “okay, everybody, listen up. There’s an old well that drops down a long ways somewhere in here so watch for it. Close to the well, there should be an old wooden ladder that goes down about fifty or sixty feet to the main cave.”


“Oh shit, “ Mindy said under her breath. She was starting to think this wasn’t a good idea after all.


As they moved slowly Tom said, “okay, there’s the well, and there’s the ladder. Stay to the right. I’ll go down first and make sure it’s still safe.”


Tom climbed slowly down the ladder checking each step as he went. Some rungs were not so good anymore, but they all held his weight. “Okay,” he said, “come on down, one at a time.”


Mindy was the last one down and slipped just as she stepped off at the bottom. “Whoa,” she said as she fell back into Josh’s arms.


“Got cha,” he said proudly. Mindy gave him a peck on the cheek and they all started towards a brick wall.


“This is it,” said Tom. “This is the old seal. Shouldn’t be too hard to break through it.”

He looked at Josh and Josh looked at Mindy then back at Tom and said, “with what?”


Tom kicked the bricks and tried hitting them with his shoulder and said, “Josh, help me push!”


Pretty soon, Tom, Josh and Mindy were all pushing as Lisa stood back with a couple of flashlights trained on the wall.


“Well, we tried,” said Josh. Tom knew he was right; that wall wasn’t going to give.


“We could come back tomorrow with some tools,” said Tom.


“Yeah,” said Josh, “maybe.”


They all turned to leave and started back towards the entrance. They walked a ways and Mindy said, “shouldn’t we be there by now? We didn’t walk this far; did we?”


Josh said, “Yeah, I think we took a wrong turn or something. Let’s back track and try to find the way we came.”


They turned around and walked quiet a ways but found no other tunnels. Lisa said, “I’m scared!”


“Holy shit,” said Josh shinning his light up ahead. They all looked and shown their lights on the brick wall they had just tried to break through twenty minutes ago. An opening in the bricks was about big enough for someone to walk through. A neat pile of bricks with mortar still attached to them was lying next to the opening.  They were all to scared to say anything for a moment, and then Josh said, “let’s get the hell out of here.”


Before he even got the words out, Mindy grabbed his arm and gasped. They all listened as the unmistakable sound of Indian drums faintly pounded in the distance. They seemed to be getting nearer and the chants of Native American warriors was blending eerily in with the drums. Then, suddenly they stopped, just like they started, and they all stood in total silence.


Tom was the first to speak, “a joke I’ll bet! Somebody planted speakers down here with drums on a CD, or something, just to scare trespassers off.”


Josh looked at Tom and seemed to get some courage back; he said, “Yeah, there could be a trigger mechanism somewhere we set off.”


Lisa said,  “Oh Tom, I want to leave, let’s go, please.”


Tom agreed and they all repeated the same experience, walking back where they came from, and ended up at the wall again.


“I don’t get it,” said Mindy. “we walking in circles?”


“Seems like it,” said Tom.


Josh kicked the dirt and said, “there’s no other tunnels; how could we go wrong?”


“I think we’re supposed to go through that opening.” Everyone looked at Tom.


“You’re kidding,” said Lisa, “no, no, no!” She was almost irrational and Tom shook her to snap her out of it.


“Get a hold of yourself,” he said, “we have to try something.” Lisa was crying and Mindy wasn’t far from it herself.


Tom carefully shown his light into the opening and cautiously stepped through, he motioned for the others to follow. Again, Mindy was last and they proceeded down a cave not open to any fresh air for nearly five decades. It seemed like their lights weren’t shining as bright as before and they all just wanted to get out.


Tom said, “look, up ahead. I think I see a light. Everybody, shut your lights off for a minute.”


They did and sure enough there was a faint light that seemed to shimmer, like a torch, way in the distance.


Tom turned his light back on and said, “let’s go.”  Just as he did Lisa screamed and the others turned their lights on too. “What is it,” asked Tom.


“I saw a face,” she said, “it was right next to me.” She was in a near panic and Tom had to hold on to her as Josh shown his light all around.


“I don’t see anything,” said Josh, “prob’ly just a shadow from the light coming on.”


“NO,” insisted Lisa, “I saw a face! It was old and ugly and had paint or something on it!

He was looking right at me!”


Josh looked at Tom and said, “we got to find a way out of here soon, before your girlfriend losses it.”


“I’m not crazy,” said Lisa! “I know what I saw!”


“Let’s just keep moving,” said Tom. “Hopefully, there’s another way out down here.”


As the foursome moved deeper into Robber’s Cave, Mindy thought she heard the sound of thunder up above and they all listened again.


“It’s not thunder,” said Josh, “it’s buffalo stampeding across the plains. Displaced Indian spirits are still chasing them. We should never have come here!”


“Now who’s losing it,” asked Tom. “Man, snap out of it, there ain’t no ghosts!”


“Then what’s that,” asked Lisa almost crying again?


Up ahead there was a ghostly white mist floating their way. It was almost like a fog, but seemed to roll over itself like smoke.

It engulfed the walls and ceiling, and seemed so eerie that Lisa screamed and ran back the direction they had come from. Tom yelled at her to come back, he ran after her, but Josh and Mindy stood there alone and in a state of shock clinging to one another.


Tom was yelling, “Lisa, where are you, Lisa!” There was no answer suddenly there was a loud shrieking scream and Tom, yelled again and ran up ahead. He could see her light and ran for it hollering, “Lisa, Lisa.”  He found her flashlight right next to the old well opening and he screamed, “Liiiissaaa. Aw, God no, Lisa!” He tried to look down but it was too deep to see anything and he could hear no sound from her.

He picked up her flashlight, crying, “Lisa, Lisa.” Tom stood up, turned around and saw an old Indian staring him in the face with eyes of fire. He yelled in terror and fell backwards down the deep well. Two faint lights shown at the bottom of the well for a while, and finally died out!



Josh and Mindy were still moving slowly ahead with one flashlight, and it was going dim. Closer and closer they got to the faint light up ahead. The eerie mist swirled around them and they could no longer see where they were walking.

The flashlight finally died and Josh and Mindy could no longer see the faint light that attracted them.

They sat down in total darkness and held each other, too afraid to speak. The darkness grew colder as moaning and chanting seemed to come from all around them.

Mindy was shivering uncontrollably now and Josh was holding her, hoping for a miracle.

Icy, clammy hands were touching the two young lovers, pulling them down, down into the abyss of the unknown.


Up above, day was breaking and a summer thunderstorm was pounding the earth, washing mud and debris over the opening to Robber’s Cave.

Sealed beneath, were the brave souls of four youthful adventurers who would be listed as, missing!


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A good read "Moonlighter!" It held my interest all the way through. Maybe this is due to my strong interest in Indians, & 23 years among the Hunkpapa Sioux of South Dakota. I've participated in their Pow-Wow's, & danced to their drums & chants. It's also a wee bit spooky, as I also worked in a mica mine in North Carolina, which was like a cave that went into two separate tunnels. The name of this mine......."Robber's Roost!"
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